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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What services does your fence company provide?

    We specialize in Commercial Fencing & Gates, Residential Fencing & Gates, Gate Operators, Oil Field Panels, and Emergency Repairs.

  • How can your commercial fencing services benefit my business?

    Our commercial fencing solutions ensure security and aesthetic appeal, enhancing the overall image and protection of your commercial property.

  • What sets your residential fencing apart?

    Our residential fencing options combine durability and style to provide homeowners with aesthetically pleasing and secure boundaries.

  • Do you offer gate operator installation services?

    Yes, we provide professional gate operator installation services, ensuring seamless access control for both commercial and residential properties.

  • Are oil field panels suitable for my industrial needs?

    Our oil field panels are designed to meet industrial demands, offering robust solutions for securing and delineating oil field areas effectively.

  • Do you provide emergency repairs for gates?

    Absolutely, our prompt and efficient emergency gate repair service ensures minimal downtime, addressing unexpected issues swiftly.

  • Why choose your company for commercial gate installation?

    As a leading commercial gate installer, we bring expertise to enhance your property’s security, functionality, and visual appeal.

  • What makes your residential gate company stand out?

    Our residential gate company focuses on personalized solutions, blending security and style to meet the unique needs of homeowners.

  • What are the benefits of gate automation services?

    Gate automation adds convenience and security, allowing you to control access effortlessly, enhancing the overall efficiency of your property.

  • Can I get privacy fence panels for my property?

    Yes, our privacy fence panels provide a discreet and stylish solution, ensuring your property remains private and secure.

  • How do I contact your fence company for inquiries?

    Feel free to call our office at (432) 684-3935 or reach us on our secondary line at (432) 664-1172 for any queries or assistance.

  • What industries does your fence company serve?

    We cater to various industries, including commercial, residential, and industrial sectors, providing tailored fencing solutions for diverse needs.

  • Do you offer maintenance services for installed fences?

    Yes, we provide comprehensive maintenance services to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your installed fences.

  • Are your fence materials environmentally friendly?

    We prioritize environmentally conscious materials in our fencing solutions, promoting sustainability without compromising quality.

  • Can I request a custom design for my fencing project?

    Absolutely, our team is skilled in creating custom designs to meet your unique preferences and requirements, ensuring a personalized touch to your fencing project.

  • What types of projects are showcased on your page?

    Discover a diverse range of projects, including residential designs, commercial spaces, and innovative concepts.